Vision and Core Values

At Asbury Memorial, we are called by God to be a spirit-filled and unconditionally accepting community that encourages members to grow in their faith and to become enthusiastic, creative, active followers of Jesus. We are a Christ-centered, forward-thinking,  all-embracing congregation.
We Express this Vision through Our CORE VALUES

We Believe in Unconditional Acceptance

This community receives and welcomes each person into the life of the church, regardless of where they are in their faith journey. We are united in love and celebrate every individual as a child of God, while striving to ensure that no one ever feels alone in the presence of many.

We Celebrate Creativity

Our congregation believes in celebrating and displaying the gift of God's love by using our unique gifts creatively and with joy.

We Embrace Spirit-Filled and Meaningful Worship

ur gatherings strive to provide a place for our members to deepen their faith through stimulating worship and study, so that they may feel renewed, fulfilled, and challenged.

We Encourage Development of Faith

nderstanding the word of God is an emerging, never-ending journey that requires open hearts, minds, and souls. We are curious and honest, and we view worship experiences as tools for discovering the wonder of God's word and considering questions of theology and faith.

We Cherish God's Gifts and Our Community

As children of God we are called to be stewards of the many gifts God has provided and to be generous in hospitality to all those we encounter inside our church and local community. We are committed in all ways to being witnesses for God's steadfast love, mercy, and justice in Savannah and beyond.
Christ-Centered. Forward-Thinking. All-Embracing.